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Panoramic view over the red rooftops of Copenhagen, Denmark View of Spain s Barcelona from the Hill of Three Crosses in Güe Old street lamp with a red canvas on the ancient wall of a house in Lublin, Poland Fragment of an ancient wall with an old street lamp with red cloth and ribbons with national Polish colors in Lublin, Poland The part of Peoples Friendship Arch - monument in Kiev, Ukraine Peoples Friendship Arch with sculptural elements and statues is a monument in Kiev, Ukraine Panoramic view landscape on the Dnieper river, Trukhaniv island and park pedestrian bridge in Kiev, Ukraine Beautiful iron red suspension pedestrian bridge over the small river Irpin from the promenade to the green forest. Spray dots Smashed window BIJILO, GAMBIA January 06, 2020  Mural on a facade depicting van Smiling man with shoulder bag holding a notebook Smiling blond young girl listening to music Beautiful landscape with green barley field and cloudy sky Juvenile Crowned Eagle perched on a tree Beautiful orchard before full blossoms with yellow dandelions White brick dirty walls, grunge background, hyposural texture wall The Republic of Kosovo National flag  Grunge background Landscape with old town, Bar le Duc Stray Cats view from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Paris, France Eiffel Tower on Champs de Mars in Paris, France Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Eiffel Tower and the Seine river. Paris, France Viru Gate and Viru Street - the main tourist street of Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn TV tower in the white fog. Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn TV tower in the fog. Tallinn, Estonia Night view of the big highway and the night city with bright multi-colored lights from cars, houses and street lamps Bright lights from cars and street lamps on the highway at night The Vienna State Opera house, Austria Old window overgrown with leaves and vines in abandoned factory Central bridge over the Southern Bug River in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Night view in winter View of Børsen, also known as Børsbygningen stock exchange, Danmarks Nationalbank and copenhagen harbor. Copenhagen, Denmark The Copenhagen Opera House near water in Denmark Statue of a lion near Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Copenhagen, Denmark Panoramic view over the rooftops of Copenhagen, Denmark Panoramic view over the red rooftops of Copenhagen, Denmark Monument of statesman and royal favorite of the Peder Griffenfeld (before ennoblement of the Peder Schumacher) Copenhagen, Denmark Marble Bridge on the Frederiksholms canal. Copenhagen, Denmark Kunsthallen Nikolaj (the Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center) which occupies the former St. Nicholas Church. Copenhagen, Denmark Honor guard at the Royal Palace Amalienborg. Copenhagen, Denmark Equestrian statue of king Frederick VIII in Copenhagen, Denmark City Hall Tower with clock. Copenhagen, Denmark Old street with small colorful houses in the rain. Garibaldi street. Venice, Italy Old houses are on the street with paving stones in Venice, Italy The Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican is an Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City, the papal enclave within the city of Rome Ponte Garibaldi is a bridge that links Lungotevere De Cenci to Piazza Guiseppe Gioachino Belli in Rome (Italy), in the Rioni Regola and Trastevere. View from Tiberina island Night view of the monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome, Italy - Vittoriano, also known as Altare della Patria vintage balcony on an old abandoned and decaying house facade in Italy beautiful sunset over the sea in Naples. Italy Neapolitan Bay in the rays of the setting sun. Naples, Italy National italian flag on the facade of old house building Naples - the western coast of Italy, washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. King of Italy statue Umberto I on the seafront of Naples, Italy Aversa town near Naples, Italy. Night view View of red roofs of Florence with Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) in the middle. Italy Panorama of Florence with Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral). Italy Fountain on the Piazza della Santissima Annunziata in the city of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. Sculptor Pietro Tacca Flag of Italy on royal palace of Caserta Ancient street lamp on a stone wall road on a bridge with houses in the background. Bologna, Italy Beautiful two-storey red brick house against a blue sky in Bologna, Italy Monument to King Alfonso XII, featuring a semicircular colonnade and an equestrian statue of the monarch on the top of a tall central core near the lake in Parque del Buen Retiro . Madrid, Spain Monument to King Alfonso XII, featuring a semicircular colonnade and an equestrian statue of the monarch on the top of a tall central core near the lake in Buen Retiro Park. Madrid, Spain Cibeles Palace, formally known as Palacio de Comunicaciones located on The Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain Sculpture The Wounded Shooting Star on Barceloneta Beach. Barcelona, Spain Promenade Passeig de Lluis Companys and the Arc de Triomf - a triumphal arch in the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. Peix is a giant goldfish sculpture - one of the symbols of Barcelona, standing between two skyscrapers near the Somorrostro beach and port Olimpic skyscraper Burj Khalifa - the tallest structure and building in the world. Dubai, UAE View of the yellow houses from the Burj Park by Emaar promenade near Burj Khalifa. Dubai, UAE. View of Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. Dubai, UAE The sculpture Win, Victory, Love is located in Burj Park by Emaar in front of the Dubai Opera near the Burj Khalifa. Dubai, UAE Subway tunnel with Motion blur of a city from inside Park of Nations Slanted colorful houses in the old town in Lublin, Poland Beautiful colorful building with contemporary architectural desi Peeling paint Peeling paint detail Peeling paint The statue of Franz Lehár in the park of Franz Lehár - famous Austro-Hungarian composer. Komárno, Slovakia Crosswalk with red light in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland) Building of the Hungarian Parliament from the Danube River. Budapest, Hungary View of the building of the Hungarian Parliament from the Danube River. Budapest, Hungary The Rijksmuseum - Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, Nethelands (Holland) The Elizabeth Lookout - historic lookout tower on János-hegy above Budapest, Hungary Number 2 orange tram passes along the Danube River from Erzhebet Bridge near Belgrade Embankment. Budapest, Hungary Munttoren clock tower to the rear at Muntplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland) Margit (Margaret) bridge and the Danube river. Night view. Budapest, Hungary Liberty Bridge over the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary Liberty Bridge in Budapest, Hungary. Danube River Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary German parliament (Reichstag) building. Berlin, Germany, Europe Embankment of the Danube in Budapest, Hungary 2 trams are stay in front of the Vigado Concert Hall, Budapest, Hungary Handsome smiling young man talking on the phone Beautidul sunset over Mediterranean sea Sunset in Dusseldorf, Germany Sunset in Dusseldorf, Germany Sunset in Dusseldorf, Germany Common dandelion, Taraxacum
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